Get async EQL status APIedit

Returns the current status for an async EQL search or a stored synchronous EQL search without returning results. This is a more lightweight API than get async EQL search API as it doesn’t return search results, and reports only the status.

If the Elasticsearch security features are enabled, the access to the get async eql status API is restricted to the monitoring_user role.

response = client.eql.get_status(
puts response
GET /_eql/search/status/FkpMRkJGS1gzVDRlM3g4ZzMyRGlLbkEaTXlJZHdNT09TU2VTZVBoNDM3cFZMUToxMDM=


GET /_eql/search/status/<search_id>

Path parametersedit


(Required, string) Identifier for the search.

A search ID is provided in the EQL search API's response for an async search. A search ID is also provided if the request’s keep_on_completion parameter is true.

Response bodyedit

(string) Identifier for the search.
(boolean) If true, the search request is still executing. If false, the search is completed.
(boolean) If true, the response does not contain complete search results. This could be because either the search is still running (is_running status is false), or because it is already completed (is_running status is true) and results are partial due to failures or timeouts.
(Long) For a running search shows a timestamp when the eql search started, in milliseconds since the Unix epoch.
(long) Shows a timestamp when the eql search will be expired, in milliseconds since the Unix epoch. When this time is reached, the search and its results are deleted, even if the search is still ongoing.
(Integer) For a completed search shows the http status code of the completed search.


response = client.eql.get_status(
  keep_alive: '5d'
puts response
GET /_eql/search/status/FmNJRUZ1YWZCU3dHY1BIOUhaenVSRkEaaXFlZ3h4c1RTWFNocDdnY2FSaERnUTozNDE=?keep_alive=5d

If the search is still running, the status response has the following form:

  "id" : "FmNJRUZ1YWZCU3dHY1BIOUhaenVSRkEaaXFlZ3h4c1RTWFNocDdnY2FSaERnUTozNDE=",
  "is_running" : true,
  "is_partial" : true,
  "start_time_in_millis" : 1611690235000,
  "expiration_time_in_millis" : 1611690295000


If the search is completed the status response doesn’t have start_time_in_millis, but has an additional completion_status field that shows the status code of the completed eql search:

  "id" : "FmNJRUZ1YWZCU3dHY1BIOUhaenVSRkEaaXFlZ3h4c1RTWFNocDdnY2FSaERnUTozNDE=",
  "is_running" : false,
  "is_partial" : false,
  "expiration_time_in_millis" : 1611690295000,
  "completion_status" : 200 

Indicates that the eql search was successfully completed