Index-level data tier allocation filtering


Index-level data tier allocation filteringedit

You can use the index-level _tier_preference setting to control which data tier an index is allocated to.

This setting corresponds to the data node roles:

The data role is not a valid data tier and cannot be used with the _tier_preference setting. The frozen tier stores partially mounted indices exclusively.

Data tier allocation settingsedit

Assign the index to the first tier in the list that has an available node. This prevents indices from remaining unallocated if no nodes are available in the preferred tier. For example, if you set index.routing.allocation.include._tier_preference to data_warm,data_hot, the index is allocated to the warm tier if there are nodes with the data_warm role. If there are no nodes in the warm tier, but there are nodes with the data_hot role, the index is allocated to the hot tier. Used in conjunction with data tiers.