Plugins changesedit

GCS Repository pluginedit

The repository settings application_name, connect_timeout and read_timeout have been deprecated and must now be specified in the client settings instead.

See Google Cloud Storage Client Settings.

Ingest Geoip Pluginedit

In earlier versions, database files have been stored as gzip compressed files with the extension .gz to save disk space. As a consequence, database files had to be loaded in memory. Now the default database files that are stored uncompressed as .mmdb files which allows to memory-map them and save heap memory. Any custom database files must also be stored uncompressed. Consequently, the database_file property in any ingest pipelines that use the Geoip Processor must refer to the uncompressed database files as well.

Using the plugin installer without a TTYedit

The Elasticsearch plugin installer (elasticsearch-plugin install) would previously silently accept additional security permissions required by a plugin if standard input was closed or there was no TTY attached (e.g., docker exec <container ID> elasticsearch-plugin install). This silent accepting of additional security permissions has been removed. Now, a user must deliberately accept these permissions either by keeping standard input open and attaching a TTY (i.e., using interactive mode to accept the permissions), or by passing the --batch flag.

Implementing custom realms with SPI instead of XPackExtensionedit

The legacy XPackExtension extension mechanism has been removed and replaced with an SPI based extension mechanism that is installed and built as an elasticsearch plugin. For more information about using SPI loaded security extensions in custom realms, see Integrating with other authentication systems.