Get auto-follow pattern APIedit

Get auto-follow patterns.


response = client.ccr.get_auto_follow_pattern
puts response
GET /_ccr/auto_follow/
GET /_ccr/auto_follow/<auto_follow_pattern_name>


  • If the Elasticsearch security features are enabled, you must have manage_ccr cluster privileges on the cluster that contains the follower index. For more information, see Security privileges.


This API gets configured auto-follow patterns. This API will return the specified auto-follow pattern collection.

Path parametersedit

(Optional, string) Specifies the auto-follow pattern collection that you want to retrieve. If you do not specify a name, the API returns information for all collections.


This example retrieves information about an auto-follow pattern collection named my_auto_follow_pattern:

response = client.ccr.get_auto_follow_pattern(
  name: 'my_auto_follow_pattern'
puts response
GET /_ccr/auto_follow/my_auto_follow_pattern

The API returns the following result:

  "patterns": [
      "name": "my_auto_follow_pattern",
      "pattern": {
        "active": true,
        "remote_cluster" : "remote_cluster",
        "leader_index_patterns" :
        "follow_index_pattern" : "{{leader_index}}-follower"