Set up a cluster for high availabilityedit

Your data is important to you. Keeping it safe and available is important to Elasticsearch. Sometimes your cluster may experience hardware failure or a power loss. To help you plan for this, Elasticsearch offers a number of features to achieve high availability despite failures.

  • With proper planning, a cluster can be designed for resilience to many of the things that commonly go wrong, from the loss of a single node or network connection right up to a zone-wide outage such as power loss.
  • You can use cross-cluster replication to replicate data to a remote follower cluster which may be in a different data centre or even on a different continent from the leader cluster. The follower cluster acts as a hot standby, ready for you to fail over in the event of a disaster so severe that the leader cluster fails. The follower cluster can also act as a geo-replica to serve searches from nearby clients.
  • The last line of defence against data loss is to take regular snapshots of your cluster so that you can restore a completely fresh copy of it elsewhere if needed.