Get Features APIedit

Gets a list of features which can be included in snapshots using the feature_states field when creating a snapshot.

response = client.features.get_features
puts response
GET /_features


GET /_features


You can use the get features API to determine which feature states to include when taking a snapshot. By default, all feature states are included in a snapshot if that snapshot includes the global state, or none if it does not.

A feature state includes one or more system indices necessary for a given feature to function. In order to ensure data integrity, all system indices that comprise a feature state are snapshotted and restored together.

The features listed by this API are a combination of built-in features and features defined by plugins. In order for a feature’s state to be listed in this API and recognized as a valid feature state by the create snapshot API, the plugin which defines that feature must be installed on the master node.


    "features": [
            "name": "tasks",
            "description": "Manages task results"
            "name": "kibana",
            "description": "Manages Kibana configuration and reports"