Synonyms APIsedit

The synonyms management API provides a convenient way to define and manage synonyms in an internal system index. Related synonyms can be grouped in a "synonyms set". Create as many synonym sets as you need.

This provides an alternative to:

  • Defining inline synonyms in an analyzer definition, which impacts mapping size and can lead to performance issues.
  • Using synonyms files, which implies uploading and managing file consistency on all cluster nodes.

Synonyms sets can be used to configure synonym graph token filters and synonym token filters. These filters are applied as part of the analysis process by the search analyzer.

Synonyms sets APIsedit

You can use these APIs to dynamically update synonyms sets used at search time. Your search results will immediately reflect the synonyms set changes.

Use the following APIs to manage synonyms sets:

Synonym rules APIsedit

Synonyms sets are composed of synonym rules. Each synonym rule defines a group of words that act as synonyms. You can update individual synonym rules for a specific synonyms set instead of updating the complete synonyms set.

Use the following APIs to manage individual synonym rules in a synonyms set: