Start Snapshot Lifecycle Managementedit

Automatic snapshot lifecycle management is currently disabled. New backup snapshots will not be created automatically.

In order to start the snapshot lifecycle management service, follow these steps:

In order to start snapshot lifecycle management we need to go to Kibana and execute the start command.

Use Kibana

  1. Log in to the Elastic Cloud console.
  2. On the Elasticsearch Service panel, click the name of your deployment.

    If the name of your deployment is disabled your Kibana instances might be unhealthy, in which case please contact Elastic Support. If your deployment doesn’t include Kibana, all you need to do is enable it first.

  3. Open your deployment’s side navigation menu (placed under the Elastic logo in the upper left corner) and go to Dev Tools > Console.

    Kibana Console
  4. Start snapshot lifecycle management:

    POST _slm/start

    The response will look like this:

      "acknowledged": true
  5. Verify snapshot lifecycle management is now running:

    response = client.slm.get_status
    puts response
    GET _slm/status

    The response will look like this:

      "operation_mode": "RUNNING"