Elasticsearch version 8.2.2edit

Also see Breaking changes in 8.2.

Known issuesedit

  • Parsing a request when the last element in an array is filtered out (for instance using _source_includes) fails. This is due to a bug in Jackson parser. Fixed in Elasticsearch 8.6.1 (#91456)

Bug fixesedit

  • Fix audit logging to consistently include port number in origin.address #86732
  • Fix CCR following a datastream with closed indices on the follower corrupting the datastream #87076 (issue: #87048)
  • Guard for adding null value tags to vector tiles #87051
  • Adjust osprobe assertion for burst cpu #86990
Machine Learning
  • Fix ML task auditor exception early in cluster lifecycle #87023 (issue: #87002)
  • Adjacency weighting fixes in categorization #2277


Machine Learning
  • Make ML native processes work with glibc 2.35 (required for Ubuntu 22.04) #2272