The elasticsearch-reconfigure-node tool reconfigures an Elasticsearch node that was installed through an RPM or DEB package to join an existing cluster with security features enabled.


[--enrollment-token] [-h, --help] [-E <KeyValuePair>]
[-s, --silent] [-v, --verbose]


When installing Elasticsearch with a DEB or RPM package, the current node is assumed to be the first node in the cluster. Elasticsearch enables and configures security features on the node, generates a password for the elastic superuser, and configures TLS for the HTTP and transport layers.

Rather than form a single-node cluster, you can add a node to an existing cluster where security features are already enabled and configured. Before starting your new node, run the elasticsearch-create-enrollment-token tool with the -s node option to generate an enrollment token on any node in your existing cluster. On your new node, run the elasticsearch-reconfigure-node tool and pass the enrollment token as a parameter.

This tool is intended only for use on DEB or RPM distributions of Elasticsearch.

You must run this tool with sudo so that it can edit the necessary files in your Elasticsearch installation configuration directory that are owned by root:elasticsearch.


The enrollment token, which can be generated on any of the nodes in an existing, secured cluster.
-E <KeyValuePair>
Configures a standard Elasticsearch or X-Pack setting.
-h, --help
Shows help information.
-s, --silent
Shows minimal output.
-v, --verbose
Shows verbose output.

JVM optionsedit

CLI tools run with 64MB of heap. For most tools, this value is fine. However, if needed this can be overriden by setting the CLI_JAVA_OPTS environment variable. For example, the following increases the heap size used by the elasticsearch-reconfigure-node tool to 1GB.

export CLI_JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx1g"
bin/elasticsearch-reconfigure-node ...


The following example reconfigures an installed Elasticsearch node so that it can join an existing cluster when it starts for the first time.

sudo /usr/share/elasticsearch/elasticsearch-reconfigure-node --enrollment-token eyJ2ZXIiOiI4LjAuMCIsImFkciI6WyIxOTIuMTY4LjEuMTY6OTIwMCJdLCJmZ3IiOiI4NGVhYzkyMzAyMWQ1MjcyMmQxNTFhMTQwZmM2ODI5NmE5OWNiNmU0OGVhZjYwYWMxYzljM2I3ZDJjOTg2YTk3Iiwia2V5IjoiUy0yUjFINEJrNlFTMkNEY1dVV1g6QS0wSmJxM3hTRy1haWxoQTdPWVduZyJ9