Wrapper queryedit

A query that accepts any other query as base64 encoded string.

response = client.search(
  body: {
    query: {
      wrapper: {
        query: 'eyJ0ZXJtIiA6IHsgInVzZXIuaWQiIDogImtpbWNoeSIgfX0='
puts response
GET /_search
  "query": {
    "wrapper": {
      "query": "eyJ0ZXJtIiA6IHsgInVzZXIuaWQiIDogImtpbWNoeSIgfX0=" 

Base64 encoded string: {"term" : { "user.id" : "kimchy" }}

This query is more useful in the context of Spring Data Elasticsearch. It’s the way a user can add custom queries when using Spring Data repositories. The user can add a @Query() annotation to a repository method. When such a method is called we do a parameter replacement in the query argument of the annotation and then send this as the query part of a search request.