Multiple indicesedit

Most APIs that refer to an index parameter support execution across multiple indices, using simple test1,test2,test3 notation (or _all for all indices). It also supports wildcards, for example: test* or *test or te*t or *test*, and the ability to "exclude" (-), for example: test*,-test3.

All multi index APIs support the following url query string parameters:

(Optional, boolean) If true, missing or closed indices are not included in the response. Defaults to false.

(Optional, boolean) If true, the request does not return an error if a wildcard expression or _all value retrieves only missing or closed indices.

This parameter also applies to index aliases that point to a missing or closed index.


(Optional, string) Controls what kind of indices that wildcard expressions can expand to. Valid values are:

Expand to open and closed indices.
Expand only to open indices.
Expand only to closed indices.
Wildcard expressions are not accepted.

The defaults settings for the above parameters depend on the API being used.

Some multi index APIs also support the following url query string parameter:

(Optional, boolean) If true, concrete, expanded or aliased indices are ignored when throttled.

Single index APIs such as the Document APIs and the single-index alias APIs do not support multiple indices.