REST Clientedit

Old low level performRequests deprecatededit

The versions of performRequest and performRequestAsync that were in the low level client in 6.3 have been deprecated in favor of performRequest(Request) and performRequestAsync(Request, ActionListener). These will allow us to add more features to the client without adding more variants of performRequest.

Old high level request methods deprecatededit

All request methods on the high level client have been deprecated in favor of a new variant that takes RequestOptions. This allows users of the high level client to customize many options on individual requests that were not available otherwise.

HostSniffer renamed to NodeSniffer and signature changededit

To provide allow the Sniffer to pick up more metadata we changed it from sniffing HttpHosts to sniffing Nodes, a new class introduced to contain both connection information and metadata like the node’s role or any attributes defined in elasticsearch.yml. These can be used by the new RequestOptions#setNodeSelector.