API changesedit

Field capabilities request formatedit

In the past, fields could be provided either as a parameter, or as part of the request body. Specifying fields in the request body is now deprecated, and instead they should always be supplied through a request parameter. In 7.0.0, the field capabilities API will not accept fields supplied in the request body.

Copying source settings during shrink/split operationsedit

In prior versions of Elasticsearch, resize operations (shrink/split) would only copy index.analysis, index.similarity, and index.sort settings from the source index. Elasticsearch 6.4.0 introduces a request parameter copy_settings which will copy all index settings from the source except for non-copyable index settings. This parameter defaults to false in 6.x, is immediately deprecated in 6.4.0, will only be able to be set to true in 8.x, and will be removed in 9.0.0. Note than when this parameter is used it means that all copyable settings will be copied; this includes the index blocks that must be put in place for a resize operation, and any allocation settings put in place in preparation for executing the resize operation. If you use this parameter, you will either have to follow up the operation with a request to adjust to the desired settings on the target index, or send the desired value of these settings with the resize operation.