Elasticsearch version 6.5.4edit

Also see Breaking changes in 6.5.

Bug fixesedit

  • Fix MultiValuesSourceFieldConfig toXContent #36525 (issue: #36474)
  • Fix origin.type for connection_* events #36410
  • Fix follow stats API’s follower index filtering feature #36647
Machine learning
  • Interrupt Grok in file structure finder timeout #36588
  • Prevent stack overflow while copying machine learning jobs and datafeeds #36370 (issue: #36360)
  • Fix a problem that could result in shifted model bounds and increased forecast errors with long bucket spans. The solution was to correct query times for model bounds and forecasts in the bucket to match the times assigned to the samples that are added to the model for each bucket. #327
  • Fix MOD() for long and integer arguments #36599 (issue: #36364)
  • Fix issue with complex HAVING and GROUP BY ordinal #36594 (issue: #36059)
  • Fix Watcher NotificationService’s secure settings #35610 (issue: #35378)