Multi Search Templateedit

The multi search template API allows to execute several search template requests within the same API using the _msearch/template endpoint.

The format of the request is similar to the Multi Search API format:


The header part supports the same index, search_type, preference, and routing options as the usual Multi Search API.

The body includes a search template body request and supports inline, stored and file templates. Here is an example:

$ cat requests
{"index": "test"}
{"source": {"query": {"match":  {"user" : "{{username}}" }}}, "params": {"username": "john"}} 
{"source": {"query": {"{{query_type}}": {"name": "{{name}}" }}}, "params": {"query_type": "match_phrase_prefix", "name": "Smith"}}
{"index": "_all"}
{"id": "template_1", "params": {"query_string": "search for these words" }} 

$ curl -H "Content-Type: application/x-ndjson" -XGET localhost:9200/_msearch/template --data-binary "@requests"; echo

Inline search template request

Search template request based on a stored template

The response returns a responses array, which includes the search template response for each search template request matching its order in the original multi search template request. If there was a complete failure for that specific search template request, an object with error message will be returned in place of the actual search response.