Passing disk quota information to Elasticsearchedit

Elasticsearch considers the available disk space on a node before deciding whether to allocate new shards to that node or to actively relocate shards away from that node. However, while the JVM has support for reporting a filesystem’s total space and available space, it has no knowledge of any quota limits imposed on the user under which Elasticsearch is running. Consequently, the Elasticsearch mechanisms for handling low disk space situations cannot function. To work around this situation, this plugin provides a mechanism for supplying quota-ware total and available amounts of disk space.

To use the plugin, install it on all nodes and restart them. You must configure the plugin by supplying the es.fs.quota.file JVM system property on startup. This property specifies a URI to a properties file, which contains the total and available amounts.

Elasticsearch will not start successfully if you install the quota-aware-fs plugin, but you do not supply the es.fs.quota.file system property at startup.


The properties file must contain the keys total and remaining, both of which contain the respective number in bytes. You are responsible for writing this file with the correct values, and keeping the values up-to-date. Elasticsearch will poll this file regularly to pick up any changes.