GCE Virtual Machine discoveryedit

Google Compute Engine VM discovery allows to use the google APIs to perform automatic discovery of seed hosts. Here is a simple sample configuration:

    project_id: <your-google-project-id>
    zone: <your-zone>
  seed_providers: gce

The following gce settings (prefixed with cloud.gce) are supported:


Your Google project id. By default the project id will be derived from the instance metadata.

Note: Deriving the project id from system properties or environment variables
(`GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT` or `GCLOUD_PROJECT`) is not supported.
helps to retrieve instances running in a given zone. It should be one of the GCE supported zones. By default the zone will be derived from the instance metadata. See also Using GCE zones.
If set to true, client will use ExponentialBackOff policy to retry the failed http request. Defaults to true.
The maximum elapsed time after the client instantiating retry. If the time elapsed goes past the max_wait, client stops to retry. A negative value means that it will wait indefinitely. Defaults to 0s (retry indefinitely).
How long the list of hosts is cached to prevent further requests to the GCE API. 0s disables caching. A negative value will cause infinite caching. Defaults to 0s.

Binding the network host

It’s important to define network.host as by default it’s bound to localhost.

You can use core network host settings or gce specific host settings: