GCE Network Hostedit

When the discovery-gce plugin is installed, the following are also allowed as valid network host settings:

GCE Host Value Description


The private IP address of the machine for a given network interface.


The hostname of the machine.


Same as _gce:privateIp:0_ (recommended).


# get the IP address from network interface 1
network.host: _gce:privateIp:1_
# Using GCE internal hostname
network.host: _gce:hostname_
# shortcut for _gce:privateIp:0_ (recommended)
network.host: _gce_

How to start (short story)edit

  • Create Google Compute Engine instance (with compute rw permissions)
  • Install Elasticsearch
  • Install Google Compute Engine Cloud plugin
  • Modify elasticsearch.yml file
  • Start Elasticsearch