Repository Settingsedit

The gcs repository type supports a number of settings to customize how data is stored in Google Cloud Storage.

These can be specified when creating the repository. For example:

PUT _snapshot/my_gcs_repository
  "type": "gcs",
  "settings": {
    "bucket": "my_other_bucket",
    "base_path": "dev"

The following settings are supported:

The name of the bucket to be used for snapshots. (Mandatory)
The name of the client to use to connect to Google Cloud Storage. Defaults to default.
Specifies the path within bucket to repository data. Defaults to the root of the bucket.
Big files can be broken down into chunks during snapshotting if needed. Specify the chunk size as a value and unit, for example: 10MB or 5KB. Defaults to 100MB, which is the maximum permitted.
When set to true metadata files are stored in compressed format. This setting doesn’t affect index files that are already compressed by default. Defaults to false.
Throttles per node restore rate. Defaults to 40mb per second.
Throttles per node snapshot rate. Defaults to 40mb per second.
Makes repository read-only. Defaults to false.
[6.3.0] Deprecated in 6.3.0. This setting is now defined in the client settings. Name used by the client when it uses the Google Cloud Storage service.

Recommended Bucket Permissionedit

The service account used to access the bucket must have the "Writer" access to the bucket:

  1. Connect to the Google Cloud Platform Console.
  2. Select your project.
  3. Go to the Storage Browser.
  4. Select the bucket and "Edit bucket permission".
  5. The service account must be configured as a "User" with "Writer" access.