Changing default transport port

By default, elasticsearch GCE plugin assumes that you run elasticsearch on 9300 default port. But you can specify the port value elasticsearch is meant to use using google compute engine metadata es_port:

When creating instance

Add --metadata es_port=9301 option:

# when creating first instance
gcloud compute instances create myesnode1 \
       --scopes=compute-rw,storage-full \
       --metadata es_port=9301

# when creating an instance from an image
gcloud compute instances create myesnode2 --image=elasticsearch-1-0-0-RC1 \
       --zone europe-west1-a --machine-type f1-micro --scopes=compute-rw \
       --metadata es_port=9301

On a running instance

gcloud compute instances add-metadata myesnode1 \
       --zone europe-west1-a \
       --metadata es_port=9301