Security Pluginsedit

Security plugins add a security layer to Elasticsearch.

Core security pluginsedit

The core security plugins are:

[2.3.0] Deprecated in 2.3.0. The standalone Shield plugin will be replaced by the X-Pack in 5.0.0. Shield is the Elastic product that makes it easy for anyone to add enterprise-grade security to their ELK stack. Designed to address the growing security needs of thousands of enterprises using ELK today, Shield provides peace of mind when it comes to protecting your data.

Community contributed security pluginsedit

The following plugins have been contributed by our community:

  • Kerberos/SPNEGO Realm: Custom Shield realm to Authenticate HTTP and Transport requests via Kerberos/SPNEGO (by codecentric AG)
  • Readonly REST: High performance access control for Elasticsearch native REST API (by Simone Scarduzio)

This community plugin appears to have been abandoned: