Context example dataedit

Complete the following steps to index the seat sample data into Elasticsearch. You can run any of the context examples against this sample data after you configure it.

Each document in the seat data contains the following fields:

theatre (keyword)
The name of the theater the play is in.
play (keyword)
The name of the play.
actors (keyword)
A list of actors in the play.
date (keyword)
The date of the play as a keyword.
time (keyword)
The time of the play as a keyword.
cost (long)
The cost of the ticket for the seat.
row (long)
The row of the seat.
number (long)
The number of the seat within a row.
sold (boolean)
Whether or not the seat is sold.
datetime (date)
The date and time of the play as a date object.


Start an Elasticsearch instance, and then access the Console in Kibana.

Configure the seat sample dataedit

  1. From the Kibana Console, create mappings for the sample data:

    PUT /seats
      "mappings": {
        "properties": {
          "theatre":  { "type": "keyword" },
          "play":     { "type": "keyword" },
          "actors":   { "type": "keyword" },
          "date":     { "type": "keyword" },
          "time":     { "type": "keyword" },
          "cost":     { "type": "double"  },
          "row":      { "type": "integer" },
          "number":   { "type": "integer" },
          "sold":     { "type": "boolean" },
          "datetime": { "type": "date"    }
  2. Configure a script ingest processor that parses each document as Elasticsearch ingests the seat data. The following ingest script processes the date and time fields and stores the result in a datetime field:

    PUT /_ingest/pipeline/seats
      "description": "update datetime for seats",
      "processors": [
          "script": {
            "source": "String[] dateSplit ='-'); String year = dateSplit[0].trim(); String month = dateSplit[1].trim(); if (month.length() == 1) { month = '0' + month; } String day = dateSplit[2].trim(); if (day.length() == 1) { day = '0' + day; } boolean pm = ctx.time.substring(ctx.time.length() - 2).equals('PM'); String[] timeSplit = ctx.time.substring(0, ctx.time.length() - 2).splitOnToken(':'); int hours = Integer.parseInt(timeSplit[0].trim()); int minutes = Integer.parseInt(timeSplit[1].trim()); if (pm) { hours += 12; } String dts = year + '-' + month + '-' + day + 'T' + (hours < 10 ? '0' + hours : '' + hours) + ':' + (minutes < 10 ? '0' + minutes : '' + minutes) + ':00+08:00'; ZonedDateTime dt = ZonedDateTime.parse(dts, DateTimeFormatter.ISO_OFFSET_DATE_TIME); ctx.datetime = dt.getLong(ChronoField.INSTANT_SECONDS)*1000L;"
  3. Ingest some sample data using the seats ingest pipeline that you defined in the previous step.

    POST seats/_bulk?pipeline=seats&refresh=true
    {"theatre":"Skyline","play":"Rent","actors":["James Holland","Krissy Smith","Joe Muir","Ryan Earns"],"date":"2021-4-1","time":"3:00PM","cost":37,"row":1,"number":7,"sold":false}
    {"theatre":"Graye","play":"Rent","actors":["Dave Christmas"],"date":"2021-4-1","time":"3:00PM","cost":30,"row":3,"number":5,"sold":false}
    {"theatre":"Graye","play":"Rented","actors":["Dave Christmas"],"date":"2021-4-1","time":"3:00PM","cost":33,"row":2,"number":6,"sold":false}
    {"theatre":"Skyline","play":"Rented","actors":["James Holland","Krissy Smith","Joe Muir","Ryan Earns"],"date":"2021-4-1","time":"3:00PM","cost":20,"row":5,"number":2,"sold":false}
    {"theatre":"Down Port","play":"Pick It Up","actors":["Joel Madigan","Jessica Brown","Baz Knight","Jo Hangum","Rachel Grass","Phoebe Miller"],"date":"2018-4-2","time":"8:00PM","cost":27.5,"row":3,"number":2,"sold":false}
    {"theatre":"Down Port","play":"Harriot","actors":["Phoebe Miller","Sarah Notch","Brayden Green","Joshua Iller","Jon Hittle","Rob Kettleman","Laura Conrad","Simon Hower","Nora Blue","Mike Candlestick","Jacey Bell"],"date":"2018-8-7","time":"8:00PM","cost":30,"row":1,"number":10,"sold":false}
    {"theatre":"Skyline","play":"Auntie Jo","actors":["Jo Hangum","Jon Hittle","Rob Kettleman","Laura Conrad","Simon Hower","Nora Blue"],"date":"2018-10-2","time":"5:40PM","cost":22.5,"row":7,"number":10,"sold":false}
    {"theatre":"Skyline","play":"Test Run","actors":["Joe Muir","Ryan Earns","Joel Madigan","Jessica Brown"],"date":"2018-8-5","time":"7:30PM","cost":17.5,"row":11,"number":12,"sold":true}
    {"theatre":"Skyline","play":"Sunnyside Down","actors":["Krissy Smith","Joe Muir","Ryan Earns","Nora Blue","Mike Candlestick","Jacey Bell"],"date":"2018-6-12","time":"4:00PM","cost":21.25,"row":8,"number":15,"sold":true}
    {"theatre":"Graye","play":"Line and Single","actors":["Nora Blue","Mike Candlestick"],"date":"2018-6-5","time":"2:00PM","cost":30,"row":1,"number":2,"sold":false}
    {"theatre":"Graye","play":"Hamilton","actors":["Lin-Manuel Miranda","Leslie Odom Jr."],"date":"2018-6-5","time":"2:00PM","cost":5000,"row":1,"number":20,"sold":true}