Using ingest processors in Painlessedit

Some ingest processors expose behavior through Painless methods that can be called in Painless scripts that execute in ingest pipelines.

Method usageedit

All ingest methods available in Painless are scoped to the Processors namespace. For example:

POST /_ingest/pipeline/_simulate?verbose
  "pipeline": {
    "processors": [
        "script": {
          "lang": "painless",
          "source": """
            long bytes = Processors.bytes(ctx.size);
            ctx.size_in_bytes = bytes;
  "docs": [
      "_source": {
        "size": "1kb"

Ingest methods referenceedit

Byte conversionedit

Use the bytes processor to return the number of bytes in the human-readable byte value supplied in the value parameter.

long bytes(String value);

Lowercase conversionedit

Use the lowercase processor to convert the supplied string in the value parameter to its lowercase equivalent.

String lowercase(String value);

Uppercase conversionedit

Use the uppercase processor to convert the supplied string in the value parameter to its uppercase equivalent.

String uppercase(String value);

JSON parsingedit

Use the JSON processor to convert JSON strings to structured JSON objects. The first json method accepts a map and a key. The processor converts the JSON string in the map as specified by the key parameter to structured JSON content. That content is added directly to the map object.

The second json method accepts a JSON string in the value parameter and returns a structured JSON object.

void json(Map<String, Object> map, String key);
Object json(Object value);

You can then add this object to the document through the context object:

Object json = Processors.json(ctx.inputJsonString);
ctx.structuredJson = json;

URL decodingedit

Use the URL decode processor to URL-decode the string supplied in the value parameter.

String urlDecode(String value);