Intrinsic Sorts

These sort modes are intrinsic to the bucket: they operate on data that bucket generates, such as doc_count. They share the same syntax but differ slightly depending on the bucket being used.

Let’s perform a terms aggregation but sort by doc_count, in ascending order:

GET /cars/transactions/_search
    "size" : 0,
    "aggs" : {
        "colors" : {
            "terms" : {
              "field" : "color",
              "order": {
                "_count" : "asc" 

Using the _count keyword, we can sort by doc_count, in ascending order.

We introduce an order object into the aggregation, which allows us to sort on one of several values:

Sort by document count. Works with terms, histogram, date_histogram.
Sort by the string value of a term alphabetically. Works only with terms.
Sort by the numeric value of each bucket’s key (conceptually similar to _term). Works only with histogram and date_histogram.