This page aims to list useful extensions for the elasticsearch.js client provided by the elasticsearch community. If you would like to list your extension here please submit a pull request against the source code for this page.

For information about writing extensions, check out the Extending page.


This Connection class allows you to send all requests from an elasticsearch.js Client instance with superagent. superagent has support for all sorts of authentication strategies (eg. kerberos, in-house CAs, etc.), but also supports a beforeEachRequest hook powers all kinds of per-request tweaking.

superagent-elasticsearch is available on npm.


Makes elasticsearch-js compatible with Amazon ES. It uses the aws-sdk to make signed requests to an Amazon ES endpoint.

http-aws-es is available on npm.


This module provides a scrollToEnd function which allows for processing each batch while scrolling search results.

elasticsearch-scrolltoend is available on npm.


This module provides the deleteByQuery method which was removed from the core API in ES 2.0.0. For those with the Delete-by-query installed, this will bring back that feature to your Elasticsearch-js client.

elasticsearch-deletebyquery is available on npm.