Installation from source

Installation from sourceedit

Installing or Curator from source is also possible. In order to do so requires that all dependent libraries are installed first.

If you have pip installed, then you can install from a gzipped file. If not, you have to uncompress the gzipped file and run python install.

That might look like this:

wget -O package.tar.gz
tar zxf package.tar.gz
cd package-#.#.#
python install

The dependencies are as follows


Download and run it using the target Python version. The script will download the appropriate version and install it for you:

wget -O - | python

Note that you will need to invoke the command with superuser privileges to install to the system Python:

wget -O - | sudo python

Alternatively, setuptools may be installed to a user-local path:

wget -O - | python - --user


elasticsearch-curator (python module)edit

Download and install Curator:

  1. wget -O elasticsearch-curator.tar.gz
  2. pip install elasticsearch-curator.tar.gz

or uncompress and run python install. At this point you could also run from the source directory as well.