Q: Why am I getting an error message about ASCII encoding?


Q: Why am I getting an error message about ASCII encoding?edit

A: You need to change your encoding to UTF-8edit

If you see messages like this:

Click will abort further execution because Python 3 was configured to use ASCII
as encoding for the environment.  Either run this under Python 2 or consult
http://click.pocoo.org/python3/ for mitigation steps.

This system lists a couple of UTF-8 supporting locales that
you can pick from.  The following suitable locales where
discovered: aa_DJ.utf8, aa_ER.utf8, aa_ET.utf8, ...

You are likely running Curator with Python 3, or the RPM/DEB package, which was compiled with Python 3. Using the command-line library click with Python 3 requires your locale to be Unicode. You can set this up by exporting the LC_ALL environment variable like this:

$ export LC_ALL=mylocale.utf8

Where mylocale.utf8 is one of the listed "suitable locales."

You can also set the locale on the command-line before the Curator command:

$ LC_ALL=mylocale.utf8 curator [ARGS] ...

If you use export, be sure to choose the correct locale as it will be set for the duration of your terminal session.