Using ignore_empty_list rather than continue_if_exception

Curator has two general classifications of exceptions: Empty list exceptions, and everything else. The empty list conditions are curator.exception.NoIndices and curator.exception.NoSnapshots. The continue_if_exception option only catches conditions other than empty list conditions. In most cases, you will want to use ignore_empty_list instead of continue_if_exception.

So why are there two kinds of exceptions? When Curator 4 was released, the ability to continue in the event of any exception was covered by the continue_if_exception option. However, an empty list is a benign condition. In fact, it’s expected with brand new clusters, or when new index patterns are added. The decision was made to split the exceptions, and have a new option catch the empty lists.

See ignore_empty_list for more information.

This setting is available in all actions.

action: delete_indices
description: "Delete selected indices"
  continue_if_exception: False
- filtertype: ...

If continue_if_exception is set to True, Curator will attempt to continue on to the next action, if any, even if an exception is encountered. Curator will log but ignore the exception that was raised.

The default value for this setting is False