This setting is used by the alias, create_index and snapshot, actions.

The value of this setting is the name of the alias, snapshot, or index, depending on which action makes use of name.

This setting may contain a valid Python strftime string. Curator will extract the strftime identifiers and replace them with the corresponding values.

The identifiers that Curator currently recognizes include:

Unit Value


4 digit year


2 digit year


2 digit month


2 digit week of the year


2 digit day of the month


2 digit hour of the day, in 24 hour notation


2 digit minute of the hour


2 digit second of the minute


3 digit day of the year

action: alias
description: "Add/Remove selected indices to or from the specified alias"
  name: alias_name
  - filtertype: ...
  - filtertype: ...

This option is required by the alias action, and has no default setting in that context.

For the create_index action, there is no default setting, but you can use strftime:

action: create_index
description: "Create index as named"
  name: 'myindex-%Y.%m'
  # ...

or use Elasticsearch date math

action: create_index
description: "Create index as named"
  name: '<logstash-{now/d+1d}>'
  # ...

to name your indices. See more in the create_index documenation.

action: snapshot
description: >-
  Snapshot selected indices to 'repository' with the snapshot name or name
  pattern in 'name'.  Use all other options as assigned
  repository: my_repository
  include_global_state: True
  wait_for_completion: True
  max_wait: 3600
  wait_interval: 10
- filtertype: ...

For the snapshot action, the default value of this setting is curator-%Y%m%d%H%M%S