This setting is only used with the pattern
filtertype and is a required setting. There is a separate value option associated with the allocation action, and the allocated filtertype.

The value of this setting is used by kind as follows:

  • prefix: Search the first part of an index name for the provided value
  • suffix: Search the last part of an index name for the provided value
  • regex: Provide your own regular expression, and Curator will find the matches.
  • timestring: An strftime string to extrapolate and find indices that match. For example, given a timestring of '%Y.%m.%d', matching indices would include logstash-2016.04.01 and .marvel-2016.04.01, but not myindex-2016-04-01, as the pattern is different.

Whatever you provide for value is always going to be a part of a
regular expression. The safest practice is to always encapsulate within single quotes. For example: value: '-suffix', or value: 'prefix-'

There is no default value. This setting must be set by the user or an exception will be raised, and execution will halt.