This flag only functions within the scope of index selection or snapshot selection.

Timestring is the pattern used for matching the dates in indices and snapshots. You can construct date strings using python strftime formatting. While it is often used in conjunction with the --time-unit flag, a timestring pattern can be used to merely match indices with that pattern, rather than to filter by date, as with --older-than or --newer-than. Starting in v3.1.0, if you specify --timestring without --older-than or --newer-than, the process will continue, but with a message warning you that the operation will delete all indices with a time string, followed by a 10 second countdown timer, which provides the opportunity to cancel the operation.


  • --timestring A python strftime string to match a date in one or more index or snapshot patterns.


Show indices older than 30 days matching the --timestring %Y%m%d:

curator show indices --older-than 30 --time-unit days --timestring %Y%m%d

See the FAQ for information about escaping the % symbol in systemd setups.