This flag only functions within the scope of index selection or snapshot selection.

Exclude indices or snapshots matching the provided pattern. Multiple items can be excluded by using the --exclude flag multiple times with different patterns.

--exclude patterns will not exclude anything added with the --index flag.


  • --exclude A regular expression pattern. This flag can be invoked multiple times.


Show all indices, excluding indices beginning with log:

curator show indices --exclude '^log.*'


Optimize all indices, excluding indices ending with -prod or -qa:

    curator show indices --exclude '^.*-prod$' --exclude '^.*-qa$'


Delete all snapshots, excluding those with 2015 in the snapshot name. If the default naming pattern is used, with curator-YearMonthDayHourMinuteSecond as the pattern, and the year is 2015, this would effectively delete all 2014 snapshots:

curator delete snapshots --repository REPO_NAME --exclude '^.*2015.*$'