Allows the use of a specified SSL client cert file to authenticate to Elasticsearch. The file may contain both an SSL client certificate and an SSL key, in which case --client-key is not used. If using --client-cert, and the file specified does not also contain the key, use --client-key to specify the file containing the SSL key. The cert file must be in PEM format, and the key part, if used, must be an unencrypted key in PEM format as well.


  • --client-cert Path to client certificate file to use for SSL client authentication.

This flag must come before any command.


Connect to a cluster at https://example.com/ via SSL using SSL client authentication:

curator --host example.com --port 443 --use_ssl \
        --certificate /path/to/cacert.pem \
        --client-cert /path/to/clientcert.pem \
        --client-key /path/to/clientkey.pem \
        <<command>> <<flags>>