Kibana breaking changesedit

This list summarizes the most important breaking changes in Kibana 7.8.1. For the complete list, go to Kibana breaking changes.

Breaking changes for usersedit

Metrics alerts action messaging refactored to report on the no data stateedit

Metrics alerts no longer expose context.valueOf, context.metricOf, or context.thresholdOf to action messages. These variables are replaced by context.reason. This variable explains the reason that the alert fired and automatically includes the metric, threshold, and current value of all configured conditions.

Alerts configured in 7.7 still function as normal, but their action messages might no longer provide useful information and must be reconfigured. The new default action message will show an example of how to use context.reason.

via #64365

Panels removed from the URL in dashboard view modeedit

In dashboard in view mode, .panels are no longer synced with the URL.

This fixes the Back button when navigating between dashboards using drilldowns.

via #62415