Kibana cannot display jobs with invalid characters in their nameedit

This problem occurs when you create an anomaly detection job by using the Create anomaly detection jobs API then try to view that job in Kibana. In particular, the problem occurs when you use a period(.) in the job identifier.


  • When you try to open a job (named, for example, job.test in the Anomaly Explorer or the Single Metric Viewer, the job name is split and the text after the period is assumed to be the job name. If a job does not exist with that abbreviated name, an error occurs. For example: Warning Requested job test does not exist. If a job exists with that abbreviated name, it is displayed.


Create anomaly detection jobs in Kibana or ensure that you create anomaly detection jobs with valid identifiers when you use the APIs. For more information about valid identifiers, see Create anomaly detection jobs API or Anomaly detection job resources.