Accessing nodesedit

Elasticsearch node VMs are not accessible from outside of the virtual network to which the cluster is attached. The VMs can be accessed through SSH by either using Kibana as a jumpbox, or deploying a specific Jumpbox VM. In both cases, a network security group is configured to allow TCP traffic from the public internet on port 22 to allow access through SSH.

SSH Authentication will use the authentication mechanism defined by the authenticationType parameter, either password or sshPublicKey:

ssh <admin username>@<kibana or jumpbox public IP address> 

admin username is the value provided for adminUsername parameter

Once connected to the Kibana or Jumpbox VM, other VMs on the virtual network can be accessed using SSH with either the private IP address or VM hostname, if using Azure DNS to resolve addresses from hostnames

ssh <admin username>@<internal IP address or VM hostname>

Many utilities and file paths may require elevated permissions to access, for example, the elasticsearch configuration file

sudo su

# check Elasticsearch configuration
cat /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml

# check status of Elasticsearch service
systemctl status elasticsearch.service