The latest stable binaries can be found on the release page or compiled from the latest on the master branch to leverage the most recently merged features.

To learn more about building ecctl from the source, see the steps from our Setting up a dev environment.

Install on macOSedit

The simplest installation for macOS users is to install ecctl with Homebrew:

$ brew tap elastic/tap
$ brew install elastic/tap/ecctl

Updating Homebrew...
==> Installing ecctl from elastic/tap
==> Caveats
To get autocompletions working make sure to run "source <(ecctl generate completions)".
If you prefer to add to your shell interpreter configuration file run, for bash or zsh respectively:
* `echo "source <(ecctl generate completions)" >> ~/.bash_profile`
* `echo "source <(ecctl generate completions)" >> ~/.zshrc`.
==> Summary
🍺  /usr/local/Cellar/ecctl/1.5.0: 5 files, 22.6MB, built in 4 seconds

To get autocompletions working, follow the instructions in the Homebrew output.

Upgrade on macOSedit

To upgrade ecctl via brew:

$ brew upgrade ecctl