Enhancements and bug fixesedit

The following changes are included in this release.


Allow users to adjust max file upload size for Endpoint Upload File response action. This configuration option allows users to adjust the allowed upload file size when using the upload response action with the agent running the Elastic Defend integration. This action allows users to upload files from their local machine to their remote hosts running Elastic Agent with Elastic Defend. Refer to upload in the Endpoint response actions to learn more.

Add new option for autoscaling ML only. Adding the ability for users to have autoscaling be turned on for their Machine Learning instances only.


API key based authentication for remote clusters Elasticsearch clusters on version 8.10 and later can use API key based authentication for cross cluster operations.

Support Elasticsearch keystore entries on deployment creation. Add support for managing Elasticsearch keystore entries during deployment creation and upgrade.

Bug fixesedit

Restrict access to billing contacts by privilege. Filter billing contacts from being returned for users without organization owner or billing admin roles.