Enhancements and bug fixesedit

The following changes are included in this release.


Add xpack.security.transport.ssl.trust_restrictions.x509_fields to allow list. Adds xpack.security.transport.ssl.trust_restrictions.x509_fields to allowed user settings for supported Elastic Stack versions.


Kibana native memory pressure. The Elasticsearch Service Console now displays native memory pressure for Kibana instances.

Improved external trust configuration. Whenever a deployment’s external trust referenced a platform level trust which had been deleted from the platform page, the deployment page would show just the ID number. This had to be deleted before making any other edits to the settings. These deleted IDs are now filtered out and they’ll also be automatically cleaned up on the next edit.

Added a non-high-availability health indicator. Added a new health indicator for non-high-availability Elasticsearch clusters (Elasticsearch clusters with hot, warm, and/or cold tier that have one availability zone only).

Bug fixesedit

Fixed snapshot restore bug. Fixed a bug for snapshot restores which could fail for versions 8.0.0-8.2.0.

Fixed scaling issue. Fixed a bug where scaling options up to a certain size were incorrectly greyed out.

Restore forecast window field. The forecast window can be selected for a deployment’s Hot data and Content tier again.

Improved pagination sorting. Fixed a bug where sorting on the Deployments overview page only worked for the items on a single page. If you had more than 30 deployments, sorting on the table view would only sort the items on that page. Now sorting works for all deployments.