Enhancements and bug fixesedit

The following changes are included in this release.


Add also_trusted_by to certificate metadata in direct trusts. Certificate metadata in DirectTrustRelationships now lists other deployments that also trust the certificate.


[GCM][Usage Cluster] Adding usage_timestamp and creation_timestamp fields to Usage Records. This PR adds two new fields to Usage Records, by defining them in the usage-v* index template: * usage_timestamp: the timestamp indicating the idealized end of the metering period, and * creation_timestamp: the timestamp when the Usage Record first comes into existence within the record producer, right before it writes said record to disk, a

Allow proxy to establish TLSv1.3 connections with willing clients. Enable TLS v1.3 on the proxies (note, establishing TLS v1.2 connections is still possible and not going away for now; this is an extra option for clients that support TLS v1.3).

Adding a deploymentId section to the new header with a copy button next to it. A more prominent and copy-able location for the deployment Id in the header of a deployment.

Allow http.connection_pool_ttl for OIDC realms. Allow user override of the new http.connection_pool_ttl setting for OIDC realms. The new setting is documented at OpenID Connect realm settings.

Promote rest of configuration to plan. The enabled_built_in_plugins, user_plugins, and user_bundles configuration entries will be moved from the cluster_topology level to the plan level when a plan change occurs through the UI.

#100075 override clear upgrade version. Users will now be able to clear administrator set user setting overrides without needing to file a support ticket during the version upgrade process.

Bump beats version to 7.17.5. Upgrades filebeat and metricbeat used to ingest logs and metrics in ECE to 7.17.5.

Allow users to clear override settings on the Edit page. Users are now able to clear administrator set user setting overrides without needing to file a support ticket. Go to the Edit page of your deployment and if an override is set, select the Clear overrides button.

Expose deployment.autoscaling_enabled fields in the API models. Introduce autoscaling_enabled at the deployment level. This will be consistent with the autoscaling_enabled field on the Elasticsearch resource. In the future this value will also be used to enable autoscaling on other resources within a deployment.

81858: Log Initial Data Step added to all the flows. This change adds new step named "Log Initial Data" on UI that just prints cluster_id, plan_id and constructor for all the flows. Earlier calculate incremental change used to print this info but this step was applicable to only modification/edit flow. With this change cluster_id, plan_id and constructor will be printed for all the flows.

Bug fixesedit

Bugfix: Re-enable monitoring cleaner service.. Fixed monitoring indices not being cleaned up regularly.

When using the [logging and monitoring feature](https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/cloud-enterprise/current/ece-enable-logging-and-monitoring.html), monitoring data is supposed to be removed after a retention period (Default: 3 days). A bug lead to the data being stored indefinitely. The monitoring indices are now again being cleaned up correctly after the configured retention period.

Don’t rebuild the topology element when configuring autoscaling_min. Fixes an issue preventing users from updating the maximum size of ML tiers.

Added fields to APM allow list. Added the following settings to the APM allow list:

  • xpack.apm.maxServiceSelection (v7.13 - v7.16)
  • xpack.apm.maxSuggestions (v7.16)

Issue # 100465 - Stop sending the verification email to non-GCP/AWS new users. We no longer push users to verify their email address (https://github.com/elastic/cloud/issues/85396) but we’re still sending the verification email to users. Let’s stop sending this email out since new users get a lot of additional emails during the trial journey, and this email serves no purpose anymore. This is applicable for Azure, Found and Heroku users. We will continue sening verification emails to AWS and GCP users for now.

[Legacy Biller] Updating algorithm to compute snapshot storage size. This PR updates the algorithm for computing snapshot storage size in the legacy biller, concretely implemented in the _get_snapshot_storage_usage method.


Set maximum version for xpack.apm.maxServiceEnvironments. xpack.apm.maxServiceEnvironments has been deprecated in 8.0.0. The setting has been replaced by maxSuggestions which can be configured in Kibana’s Advanced Settings.