Organizations, and moreedit

Invite members to your organization

You can now invite other team or company members to collaborate with you on Elastic Cloud. From the Organization and Billing part of your Elastic Cloud profile, it’s now possible to invite additional users to your organization. To know more, check the documentation on Inviting members to your organization.


Formatting and display adjustments to PDF invoices template. Fix minor layout issues in billing PDF statements and invoices.

Add audit log ignore filter by actions setting to allowlist. Allow setting to ignore audit event based on actions.

Add Deployment API endpoint for Upgrade Assistant status. Added a new endpoint to the Deployment API to get the upgrade status. This endpoint will provide information about whether the deployment is ready to be upgraded to the next major version or not.

Remove max limit for APM bulk_max_size. Remove the upper limit from APM’s output.elasticsearch.bulk_max_size configuration parameter.

Show plan warnings on Activity page. Plans which use move_only: true will no longer fail with a message about ignored/unapplied changes. Instead, those plans will succeed, but will show a warning that there are unapplied changes.

Add Kibana’s migrations.maxBatchSizeBytes configuration option. Adds support for Kibana’s migrations.maxBatchSizeBytes user setting.

Implement per-target resource connection limits for the HTTP listener. Enables per-target resource connection limits. This is currently limited to HTTP(s) connections.

Bug fixesedit

Display customers' current hourly rate for trial converted customers. Fixed a bug where the hourly rate value displayed in Account & Billing > Usage was always zero for trial converted users.

Fix user access to API for 5.x clusters. Fixed the Elasticsearch API console for 5.x clusters. All requests were refused with Endpoint is unavailable right now. Please retry in 30s.. This was due to a new user for the API console that was not supported by 5.x clusters.

Cannot reapply a plan through the UI on a deployment with Enterprise Search disabled. Fixed a bug that prevented re-applying previous changes through the UI if the deployment had Enterprise Search disabled.

Fix bug in heap dump compression. Fixed an issue where OOM heap dump compression would take hours while an instance is unavailable.

Add index level privileges for data streams. Adds privileges to create and write to data streams to the cloud-internal-apm-server role.

Show billing history to trial users. Allow trial users to see their billing history in Account & Billing > Billing history.


Update Searchable Snapshots link location to match docs. This PR updates the location of the link to Searchable Snapshots documentation in the Billing UI text.