Enhancements and bug fixesedit

The following changes are included in this release.


Add community event message in login and registration. Add community event message for users coming from the community pages.

Move hardware profile to dropdown in advanced settings. When creating a deployment, the different hardware profile options are now under the advanced settings.

Rename Help page to Support. Change the name of the Help page to Support.

Change to the EUI Amsterdam style, UI updates. The recent upgrade to EUI Amsterdam style has caused some minor UI issues, mainly around headers and spacing. This fixes some issues on a number of pages.

UI clean up of logs and metrics. The recent upgrade to EUI Amsterdam style has caused some minor UI issues, mainly around headers and spacing. This PR addresses some of those issues on the Logs and metrics page.

Do retries for failed keystore writes. Make allocations more resilient to transient Docker API errors by retrying Docker keystore writes if they fail.

Make autoscaling limit reached banner dismissable. Adds the ability to dismiss the "Autoscaling limits reached" banner.

Adds the migrations.batchSize setting to the allowlist. Adds support for the Kibana migrations.batchSize setting in kibana.yml file.

Adds the server.publicBaseUrl setting to the allowlist. Users may now set the server.publicBaseUrl in their Kibana settings. This allows customers who access Kibana from a custom URL using a reverse proxy to properly configure Kibana alerts and other features that link back to Kibana.

Bug fixesedit

Fixed an issue where the coordinating tier wasn’t displayed in the architecture summary. Makes sure that the coordinating tier appears in the deployment architecture summary.

Fixed warning when logs and metrics are disabled. Prevents a false negative warning "Resource plans are inconsistent with deployment logging and metrics settings. Please reapply desired settings" that was shown after disabling deployment logs and metrics.

Removed 0 size option for warm and cold tiers. Removes the ability to set a 0 size on warm and cold tiers, if they are already sized when autoscaling is turned on. Removing warm and cold tiers is not supported as a safe operation.

Removed padding from Reset credentials modal. There was a minor UI bug that led to the elastic credentials showing without left padding in the Reset credentials modal.

More selective voting exclusions. Fixes a bug that added voting exclusions to Elasticsearch master nodes unnecessarily during forced restarts, sometimes leading to plan failures later.

Failure to delete nodes with voting exclusions. Cleans up any stray nodes with any lingering voting exclusions at the end of a plan change for 7.x Elasticsearch clusters to prevent future plans from failing.

Deleted trusted deployments still displayed. Fixes a UI bug in trust management, which resulted in a permanent loading state once a trusted deployment was deleted.

Removed a Workplace Search document thumbnail setting. For 7.10.x deployments, a setting was displayed that enabled a thumbnail for synced documents. This setting was not available at that version and is now available 7.11.x and newer.


Removes security and monitoring selections from deployment creation. During the deployment create workflow, the monitoring and security options have been removed. They can still be set on their respective pages after the deployment has been spun up.