Traffic management and improved network security availableedit

Elasticsearch Service now supports additional features that let you do more with our hosted offering:

  • Better traffic management. Elasticsearch Service now supports two major traffic management features:

    • AWS PrivateLink support. Elasticsearch Service now integrates with AWS PrivateLink, which allows you to expose the service as a private IP in your VPC. Securely connect to your deployments without ever having to go over-the-wire. AWS PrivateLink support is especially useful if you already use AWS to run your workloads and need to limit access to your deployments, so that they are accessible only from within your VPC. This is available for deployments in all regions except Asia Pacific (Sydney) currently. Learn more …​
    • IP filtering. You can now limit access to your deployments hosted on Elasticsearch Service to a specific list of explicitly allowed IPs. IP filtering is useful if you have a list of known IPs that your users are connecting from. You can use this feature to limit access from your internal company network or VPC, where all connections are going out from a common gateway, for example. Learn more …​
  • Improved Network Security. Egress firewalls are now available on all cloud platforms, adding further protection for customer services. Egress firewalls bring an additional layer of protection to further isolate deployment containers from each other at the network level while still allowing full outbound internet connectivity.

Bug fixesedit

This version includes fixes for the following bugs and known issues:

  • If you retry a failed creation of App Search / Enterprise Search, it now succeeds.
  • Remote clusters on cross-cluster search deployments are now shown.
  • Keystore key removal now works consistently.
  • App Search to Enterprise Search migration works much more reliably, previously the snapshot restore might not work consistently.

Known Problemsedit

  • Traffic filters cannot be used for monitoring clusters, clusters used for storing leader indices for Cross Cluster Replication or for clusters used for searching across as part of Cross Cluster Search.

Service release: July 13, 2020