Snapshot lifecycle management, index lifecycle management migration, and more available

Snapshot lifecycle management, index lifecycle management migration, and more availableedit

Elasticsearch Service now supports additional features that let you do more with our hosted offering:

  • Snapshot lifecycle management (SLM). Beginning with Elastic Stack version 7.6, you now use Kibana to manage your snapshots. In Kibana, you can set up additional repositories where the snapshots are stored, other than the one currently managed by Elasticsearch Service. You can view and delete snapshots, and configure a snapshot lifecycle management (SLM) policy to automate when snapshots are created and deleted. Learn more …​
  • Index curation to index lifecycle management (ILM) migration. If you are using index curation with the Elastic Stack version 6.7 and later, you can now migrate to index lifecycle management very quickly. During the migration, we create your ILM policies and associate the required index templates for you. Since index curation is deprecated and will be removed in the next major Elastic Stack version, you should migrate and take advantage of the robust feature set of ILM. Learn more …​
  • Updated pricing calculator. When you optimize your deployment with our hot-warm architecture, we now show pricing for memory and storage separately for each instance configuration. Separating these items out makes it easier for you to get the value that our hot-warm architecture provides.
  • Improvements to the billing page. We’ve improved the usability of our billing page in the Elasticsearch Service Console:

    • Required fields are now clearly indicated
    • We no longer force you to re-enter billing information when making other updates
    • Your current subscription level is now indicated, along with other subscription options that are available
    • We now indicate what payment type is configured (for PO customers)
    • Displaying account closing instructions

Service release: March 5, 2020