Reset the elastic user passwordedit

You might need to reset the password for the elastic superuser if you cannot authenticate with the elastic user ID and are effectively locked out from an Elasticsearch cluster or Kibana.

Elastic does not manage the elastic user and does not have access to the account or its credentials. If you lose the password, you have to reset it.

Resetting the elastic user password does not interfere with Marketplace integrations.

The elastic user should be not be used unless you have no other way to access your deployment. Create API keys for ingesting data, and create user accounts with appropriate roles for user access.

To reset the password:

  1. Log in to the Elasticsearch Service Console.
  2. Find your deployment on the home page in the Elasticsearch Service card and select Manage to access it directly. Or, select Hosted deployments to go to the deployments page to view all of your deployments.

    On the deployments page you can narrow your deployments by name, ID, or choose from several other filters. To customize your view, use a combination of filters, or change the format from a grid to a list.

  3. From your deployment menu, go to Security.
  4. Select Reset password.
  5. Copy down the auto-generated a password for the elastic user:

    The password for the elastic user after resetting

  6. Close the window.

The password is not accessible after you close the window, so if you lose it, you need to reset the password again.