Some nodes are unavailable and are displayed as missingedit

Health check

  • Use the Metrics inventory to identify unavailable or unhealthy nodes. If the number of minimum master nodes is down, Elasticsearch is not available.

Possible causes

  • Hardware issue.
  • Routing has stopped because of a previous ES configuration failure.
  • Disk/memory/CPU are saturated.
  • The network is saturated or disconnected.
  • Nodes are unable to join.


  • Hardware issue: Any unhealthy hardware detected by the platform is automatically vacated within the hour. If this doesn’t happen, contact support.
  • Routing stopped: A failed Elasticsearch configuration might stop the nodes routing. Restart the routing manually to bring the node back to health.
  • Disk/memory/CPU saturated:

  • Network saturated or disconnected: Contact support.
  • Nodes unable to join: Fix the Elasticsearch configuration.
  • Nodes unable to join: Contact support.