Subscription Levels

For more information on what is available with different subscription levels, see Elastic Cloud Subscriptions. You are entitled to use all of the features in Elastic Cloud that match your subscription level. Please use them to your heart’s content.

If you have a Standard subscription for Elastic Cloud, you are also entitled to use some X-Pack features that are part of the Gold and Platinum subscription levels, as long as your clusters are using less than a combined 64GB of memory in total. This means that you get to enjoy access to field- and document-level security features and to graph capabilities.

What Happens If I Reach 64GB on a Standard Subscription?

We sum up the total memory on all of your clusters and when you exceed a combined total of 64GB RAM, you’ll get a notification that access to Gold and Platinum X-Pack features requires upgrading to a Gold or Platinum subscription. These features are automatically disabled after a grace period of 45 days, unless you upgrade your subscription or reduce your total RAM usage to 64GB or less.

If you want to continue using those features beyond 64GB RAM total, you should contact us. If you need more time to upgrade your subscription while talking to our Sales team, the grace period can be extended. We’re here to help.

Your upgraded subscription determines which features are available. For example, using field-level and document-level security requires a Platinum subscription and is not available if you upgrade to a Gold subscription.