Memory Optimized Template

A template to perform memory-intensive operations efficiently, including workloads with frequent aggregations.

Included with this template:

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Elasticsearch:

    • Data nodes: Start at 4 GB memory x 2 availability zones. Hosted on AWS r4 instances.
    • Master nodes: One master node per availability zone, plus a tiebreaker master node when you use two zones. With fewer than five data nodes, master nodes are co-located with the data nodes. With five or more data nodes, dedicated master-eligible nodes are used. Hosted on AWS r4 instances.
  • Kibana: Starts at 1 GB memory x 1 availability zone. Hosted on AWS r4 instances.
  • Machine learning (ML): Disabled by default. The functionality is pre-wired into the template, but you must explicitly enable it in the UI. Hosted on AWS m5 instances.

Hosted on AWS r4 instances.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Hosted on custom memory-optimized GCP instances.