Compute Optimized Template

A template to run CPU-intensive workloads faster. Alternatively, you can use this template to run smaller workloads cost-effectively when you need less memory and storage, as CPU resources are assigned proportional to cluster size. A smaller, compute-optimized cluster can run a workload just as quickly as a larger cluster optimized for, say, storage.

Included with this template:

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Elasticsearch:

    • Data nodes: Start at 4 GB memory x 2 availability zones. Hosted on AWS m5 instances.
    • Master nodes: One master node per availability zone, plus a tiebreaker master node when you use two zones. With fewer than five data nodes, master nodes are co-located with the data nodes; with five or more data nodes, dedicated master-eligible nodes are used. Hosted on AWS r4 instances.
  • Kibana: Starts at 1 GB memory x 1 availability zone. Hosted on AWS r4 instances.
  • Machine learning (ML): Disabled by default. The functionality is pre-wired into the template, but you must explicitly enable it in the UI. Hosted on AWS m5 instances.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)